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  • Are Windows Platforms More Vulnerable To Spyware?

    If there is one title Microsoft would not want, it would be the burden of bearing the tag of the most vulnerable platform for the spyware programs. While there are different opinions to it- few believe it is largely due to the market share, others differ. The formers believe that since there are more PCs than Macs or Linux based systems, there would be more spyware for the operating system by default. Others blame it on the way the OS is written and how security seems an afterthought for Windows as compared to say Macs, which have been designed with security in mind from the ground up.


    The problem with Windows is much deeper and something that Microsoft and various experts acknowledge. The issue is the way applications are executed on the platform and how, by default, every user gets administrative rights. What this means is that any application can access the root kit (since it is run as an administrator) and create havoc. Yes, even the spyware- once they circumvent the not so effective windows spyware removal tool installed on your PC.


    While with windows spyware removal tool, things can be salvaged to a higher degree, the fact remains that no windows spyware removal tool is a panacea. What is required is more complex ways of executing applications. More complexity makes writing spyware programs difficult. This is why say a Mac or other Linux based environments are less prone to spyware. They have a very complex way of executing applications. Typically, they followed this pattern: read, save, become root, give executable permissions, run. Whereas with Windows, the applications initiate installation at double click. There are no prompts for passwords or special rights. This leaves a major floodgate open for the spyware programmers to exploit and do they exploit?


    In fact, chances are that if you own a PC, you must have already experienced the ordeal and why you are on this page is because you are looking for a cure or rather a ‘relative’ cure, since a third party windows spyware removal tool can not rewrite the Windows code all together. It can only delete the spyware before they exploit the weak spots.


    So what you need to search for is a reliable, effective anti-spyware program with renowned results. Install it on your PC and let it stay active all the time. Club it with  healthy browsing and data sharing habits to further intensify the results. Rather than fretting about how Microsoft left a vital backdoor open, you got to think about constructive steps to protect your data. One of them being to install effective windows spyware removal tools. The good thing is that there are many for you to review.


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