• CA AV defs v36.1.4499 August 22, 2011
      CA AV Definitions v36.1.4499 (Engine Version 36.1.8515) […]
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      August 22, 2011http://www.grisoft ... […]
    • Trojan Remover Database Update v7747 August 22, 2011
      Full Database Update 7747 - 22 August 2011 […]
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      Definitions Created: 8/22/2011Definitions Released 8/22/2011Extended Version: 8/22/2011 rev. 4Definit ... […]
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      Definition updates for Quick Heal Pro 2011 Daily UpdatesVirus Database: 22 August 2011 […]
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    August 22nd, 2011
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    Are Windows Platforms More Vulnerable To Spyware?

    If there is one title Microsoft would not want, it would be the burden of bearing the tag of the most vulnerable platform for the spyware programs. While there are different opinions to it- few believe it is largely due to the market share, others differ. The formers believe that since there are more PCs …

    August 22nd, 2011
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    Using Restore Points As Spyware Removal Tools

    The world is divided on whether to use restore points to combat the nuisances of spyware or use spyware removal tools in isolations. Many say that restore points get the villains back while those who support the approach have a different opinion. As per them “a lifesaving boat with a hole is better than none”. …

  • Best Spyware Removers on the Web

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